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Restoring Air Ducts for Improved Indoor Comfort 

Integrity Air Conditioning offers quality services and fair pricing for ductwork in Port Charlotte and surrounding areas. We are fully licensed, insured, and equipped to provide duct sealing, modifications, and duct replacement to restore your ductwork. Our family-owned and operated business cares about quality and providing an outstanding customer experience. 

If you suspect a problem with your ductwork, call (941) 626-9200 to schedule an inspection. 

The Importance of Duct Sealing

When the duct system is not in good condition, you will have problems with indoor comfort and air quality. Solving problems with Port Charlotte ductwork may require duct sealing, duct modifications, or replacement. 

Over time, small holes and cracks can form in the air ducts, which results in loss of conditioned air and can pull dirty air into the system. This is bad for equipment performance and indoor air quality. Duct sealing is a method for repairing small holes and cracks in the ductwork. A special sealant is used to close the small holes in the air ducts to fix leaky ducts. 

Duct sealing can help improve: 

  • Comfort – Leaky ducts allows warmed and cooled air to escape, which can cause hot and cold spots in different rooms or areas. Duct sealing will solve this problem to improve indoor comfort. 
  • HVAC system efficiency – Small holes, cracks, and leaks in the ductwork reduces the energy efficiency and performance of your heating and AC systems. Your equipment has to work harder to make up for the loss through the leaks in the ductwork, which puts additional strain on your equipment. 
  • Indoor air quality – Pinholes or cracks in the air ducts allow dust and other pollutants from the attic to be drawn into the ducts and into the air in your home. Air duct sealing will stop this problem for better indoor air quality. 
  • Energy costs – Leaky ductwork can result in energy loss of up to 40% through the holes and gaps in the ducts. Duct sealing will close these gaps and stop the energy loss, so you can enjoy lower monthly utility bills. 

How to Know if My Ductwork Needs Replacing

Duct sealing is not always sufficient for solving problems with leaky ducts. If the ducts are badly damaged, sealing won’t close large holes or separated sections of ductwork. When the air ducts are very old or damaged beyond repair, duct replacement may be needed. 

The signs ductwork needs to be replaced include: 

  • Ductwork that is more than 10-15 years old 
  • Insufficient airflow 
  • Air ducts with large dents or punctures 
  • Excessive noise coming from the ducts 
  • Poor heating and air conditioning performance 
  • Mold problems 

The ductwork may need to be replaced if it is not the right size for the house or was not properly installed. However, replacing the ductwork is not always necessary. In some situations, duct modification can improve airflow and HVAC equipment performance. An experienced HVAC technician can inspect your ducts and suggest the best solution. 

Air Duct Repairs

At Integrity Air Conditioning, we find and fix just about any problem you might have. If a duct has been damaged, we’ll figure out the best way to repair it and perform a superior-quality service to complete the job. We use premium duct materials and can even create customized sheet metal air ducts for a truly customized and highly durable solution.

Call For Ductwork Services 

If you have noticed signs of a problem with your air ducts, the HVAC experts at Integrity Air Conditioning are ready to answer your call. Our certified technicians can perform an inspection and discuss the options for restoring your ductwork in Port Charlotte. 

Please contact us at (941) 626-9200 to learn more about our ductwork services and schedule an appointment. 

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